Saturday, May 30, 2009

Now Is The Time

We have established Now Is The Time as a source for information for mental health, and other professionals in the law, accounting, and other professions. Our mission is to educate and invite professionals to join in the effort to put and end to organized Scientology's suppression of free speech and human rights abuses.

- David Tomkins
- Lilly vonMarcab
- Damian DeWitt

This is our invitation to psychiatrists attending the American Psychiatric Association convention in San Francisco, May 16 - 21, 2009:


Help end Scientology's psychiatric malpractice, abuse of women, and destruction of families.

Organized Scientology under the the leadership of David Miscavige
  • threatens the lives of psychologically vulnerable high school and college students through dissemination of potentially lethal psychiatric misinformation
  • destroys hundreds of thousands of family relationships through its extreme shunning policy known as disconnection
  • sytematically perpetrates human rights abuses in its mid- and executive level staff and management structure, the Sea Org, which is run in an abusive, authoritarian manner under David Miscavige
  • coerces every pregnant women in the Sea Org to abort or be expelled if she cannot be persuaded to succomb to abortion by physical and verbal abuse
  • maintains re-indoctrination and hard labor penal camps called the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) at Sea Org facilities at David Miscavige's international Gold Base headquarters near Hemet, CA; and Sea Org installations in Los Angeles, CA; Clearwater, FL; and Denmark.

Scientology's Global Obliteration of Psychiatry and its attendant human rights abuses damage individuals and society. "Scientology's War on Psychiatry is no joke"  writes Katharine Mieszkowski in Scientology's War on Psychiatry at Salon. Society needs your help to end the abuses. You can make a big difference to end them sooner rather than later. Now is the time for psychiatrists to speak up.  

How you can help:
1.  Educate yourself by reading the accounts of survivors of Sea Org abuse and their recent lawsuits for slave labor, human trafficking, coerced abortion, and fraud at Jonny Jacobsen's exquisitely-written Infinite Complacency at

2. Visit these websites:

3. Contact us for further information at 

Now is the time. email:

David Tomkins, Now Is The time at
Lilly von Marcab, Glory Marcabia at
Damian DeWitt, For GreatJustice at 

Now Is The Time, Glory Marcabia and For Great Justice are supporters of the Anonymous alliance of free speech and human rights activists and former Scientology and Sea Org staff members united to end Scientology's abuses.

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David Tomkins is an expert in the thought of the great unknown genius of American psychiatry, Silvan S. Tomkins, and has been active for the last year in exposing Scientology's psychiatric malpractice