Monday, August 24, 2009

David Tomkins appears on Drew and Mike Show in Detroit.

The Drew and Mike Show on WRIF in Detroit just interviewed me about Anonymous and our efforts to expose the abusive regime of David Miscavige's version of organized Scientology.

I have done several interviews, and Drew and Mike were great. They are savvy and more knowledgeable about Scientology than your average radio personalities. When a podcast goes up I will post the link here.

WRIF plays kick-ass rock music. Drew and Mike would make great anons - they understand the importance of hilarity in life, especially in human rights movements aimed at ending abuses in richest and most vicious cult around.

Can't be said to often: If you want to know more about Anonymous and our movement check out Why We Protest, and especially the forums.


About Me

David Tomkins is an expert in the thought of the great unknown genius of American psychiatry, Silvan S. Tomkins, and has been active for the last year in exposing Scientology's psychiatric malpractice